Key2 Realty

Key2 Realty is a social enterprise owned by registered charity Pacific Link Housing that provides expert property management services to landlords, with the aim of meeting a social need. They refer to it as purpose-driven property management.

Why Australis Properties recommends Key2 Realty

As the preferred partner of Australis Properties, we strongly recommend Key2 Realty to any residential landlord, not only for their professionalism and commitment to their clients, but also for their supporting of the local community. Key2 Realty’s point of difference is that profits are donated to support programs provided by Pacific Link Housing. Landlords can choose from three programs which will provide lasting outcomes and a brighter future for those in need.

Why investors should choose Key2 Realty

Key2 Realty’s customer service and industry knowledge is exceptional. The staff have over 16 years’ experience in property management and can be trusted with any landlord’s property. Since opening in April 2019, the business has received a high level of interest from individuals and developers who have embraced the social enterprise philosophy.

To find out more about Key2 Realty phone 4326 5566 or visit www.key2realty.com.au

Key2 Realty offers:

  • A personalised fee structures to suit your portfolio, including fixed fee options.

  • Immediate access to information on your property through an online landlord portal, available on any device.

  • 100% principal involvement.

  • A dedicated and experienced team who are committed to achieving the best outcomes for their clients.

  • An easy way to support those less fortunate in the community.

To find out more about Key2 Realty phone 4326 5566 or visit www.key2realty.com.au

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